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How FAQ Pages Help with SEO


The goal of every FAQ page should be to provide the best possible answers to a question your audience is asking. By incorporating keywords and optimizing title tags, FAQ pages can also be used to help with SEO. Google prioritizes webpages with concise answers, and FAQ pages often fit this bill.


When they are properly set up and optimized, with clear answers to popular questions, FAQ pages help Google’s bots quickly find answers to the questions users are searching for. Google will often highlight or feature FAQ pages at the top of search results for this reason specifically.


A good rule of thumb when setting up FAQ pages is to write short answers to brief questions and standalone articles when you have more to say. While header tags are not a driving force behind all SEO rankings, they do provide context to Google’s bots and make it easier to organize information. Optimizing FAQ pages based on SEO best practices gives these pages a slight edge to rank higher in Google’s search results.


FAQ pages that are properly marked up may be eligible to have a rich result on Search and an Action on Google Assistant. This can help your website reach more users, and it’s one of the biggest reasons why we recommend reviewing Google’s FAQ page schema to learn the required properties for setting up your pages.


FAQ pages should include answers to the most popular questions among your users or customers, which is not always as simple as it sounds. In addition to brainstorming the questions you think users are searching for, it’s worthwhile to tap into your keyword research and let data inform your decisions on which questions to answer. 


Consider using these resources to identify the issues, trends, and questions your users are asking:

FAQ pages can drive highly-targeted traffic to your website, and they build trust among online audiences. As voice search becomes more popular, it will become even more important for enterprise brands to have clear, concise FAQ pages on their websites.

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