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SOCi Earns Top Rankings on G2’s 2024 Best Software Awards


In 2023, our mission was clear: To revolutionize the digital marketing industry through innovation and an unwavering dedication to simplify marketers’ lives. As we reflect on the past year, there’s no greater recognition of our growth and impact than our inclusion in G2’s 2024 Software Awards.


Last week, SOCi earned top spots in eight categories from G2’s 2024 Best Software Awards.


G2’s annual Best Software Awards rank software companies and products based on verified user reviews and market presence data. They inform over 90 million software buyers annually.


Thanks to our customers’ recognition, this marks the third consecutive year we’ve landed at the top of G2’s Best Software Award listOur repeated G2 rankings solidify our position as a leader in the marketing technology (MarTech) space.


There are thousands of software companies to choose from. 


We’re grateful to rank 31st for Best Software Products out of over 117,000 total products and 38th for Best Global Software Companies out of nearly 89,000 total vendors.


We also rank 5th for Marketing & Digital Advertising Products!


These awards underscore our entire team’s efforts to develop a truly intelligent CoMarketing Cloud (CMC) that acts as a marketer and data analyst for every business location.


Thank You to Our Loyal Clients


“We’re honored that our customers consider us a valuable localized marketing partner as we reshape the future of the digital marketing industry with innovation and a relentless commitment to simplifying the lives of marketers.“ — Falk Gottlob, Chief Product Officer, SOCi


Your feedback drives us to continuously improve our technology to meet modern marketers’ needs. Throughout 2023 and 2024, we’ve rolled out our CoMarketing Cloud powered by SOCi Genius, and released Genius Reviews and Genius Social, with more AI upgrades to our products on the way. 


We’ve also partnered with Smarsh and AWS Marketplace to ensure SOCi’s platform is scalable, highly secure, and meets social media publishing and archiving compliance requirements.


With our CMC, companies like Verlo Mattress saw a 97% review response rate and a 74% increase in Facebook post engagements QoQ. Additionally, Goodscents increased the number of customers who updated their online reviews by 100% and achieved a 172% increase in Instagram page reach YoY.


This data speaks to the power of our CMC. We’re also proud to have clients like Samantha M., who’s willing to share their experience using SOCi.


A large numerical two and four in bright sunset colors with a black and white grid behind it, a quote to the right from a SOCi customer, and a G2 best software award in the bottom-right corner.


Similarly, Candice T. shares how she saves time and reduces stress by trusting SOCi to publish the content for her.


A large numerical two and four in bright sunset colors with a black and white grid behind it, a quote to the right from a SOCi customer, and a G2 best marketing & digital advertising products software award in the bottom-right corner.


If you want to achieve the same success with SOCi’s CoMarketing Cloud, request a demo today! You’ll also learn why we average 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2.



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