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SOCi Winter ‘23 Release Notes



Goals & Tasks V1

We launched the first version of our Goals & Tasks dashboard to applicable customers.

  • Goals promotes a simple, seamless experience with the SOCi platform by providing an easy-to-use control center that lets you set, track, and execute your digital marketing goals in social media management and reputation management.
  • Tasks delivers clear guidance to local managers on actions that can be taken in the platform, based on preset goals chosen by corporate. This ensures that with each login, as soon as a manager enters SOCi, they’ll know within seconds what needs to get done – driving efficiency, platform adoption, and increased productivity.



Social Benchmarking

Optimize social media efforts by comparing current data with historical trends to identify trends and offer insights across the account, groups, location and user level. This assists local teams in setting achievable goals, accurately measuring ROI, and optimizing overall social media strategies for better outcomes.




SOCi Pages | Content Manager

Empower franchisees and on-site teams to make updates right from SOCi with the new Content Manager for local pages and locators built with SOCi Pages.



Location Data Management

Add new locations and create new Local Pages, Locator updates and SOCi Listings with just a few clicks. SOCi Pages locators and local pages pull from the same location database as SOCi Listings. Realize incredible time savings when you add, remove or update a location from one screen in SOCi.



Bulk Updates

Advanced grouping and filtering tools help you save even more time keeping your local pages and locator up to date. Filter by page type, location city, state, zip, or any field on your pages to group and apply changes in bulk.



Page Preview

Want to see how something will look before it goes live? Page editors can now choose to review a staging site before pushing changes live.



Role-Based Permissions

SOCi Pages now includes user permission controls by Role down to the individual field level.



SOCi Pages | Forms powered by SOCi Surveys

Replace generic Contact Us forms with corporate-approved and locally relevant forms powered by SOCi Surveys that directly feed leads and customer feedback into the SOCi platform.



SOCi Pages |Embedded Reviews powered by SOCi Reviews

Proudly display customer feedback from SOCi Reviews and Forms powered by SOCi Surveys on your local pages. Reviews add credibility and help influence purchase decisions. Plus, the fresh and relevant user-generated content gives your SOCi Pages an SEO edge. Fully custom designs ensure reviews look great featured on any local page.






Genius Social Beta Waitlist

We shared a groundbreaking step in multi-location marketing, the launch of our Beta Waitlist for SOCi’s second CoMarketing Cloud product, Genius Social. Genius Social isn’t just a tool, it’s a data scientist and trained marketer at every location, aggregating local data from every channel and using best practices to automatically create AI-generated hyper-localized content calendars and on-brand engagement responses.


Read about it in the news | Learn more on our blog




SOCi Social has added TikTok to its platform, providing a scalable solution for video posting, scheduling and performance measurement. This integration allows multi-location enterprises to boost their visibility and engagement effectively on TikTok, a leading social media platform globally.



IG Stories

Expand your brand reach by publishing and  reporting on  Instagram Stories across every location.



Enhanced Inbox

A new, dedicated inbox tab for all new, unresolved, and unresponded engagements, enabling efficient response management and enhanced visibility.



Ads & Boost


New Paid Insights

Enhanced ad analysis with a comprehensive overview of all ad performances within a chosen timeframe through the customizable New Ads Performance table. It offers unrestricted insight independent of ad account limitations and integrates metrics and new breakdowns into the SOCi Reporting Suite for in-depth analysis.





SMS Surveys Now Available to All

Great news! SMS surveys have moved out of beta and are now available to all SOCi Surveys customers. You can now create and send surveys directly to your audience’s phones via SMS, offering a convenient and immediate way to gather feedback.



Schedule Your Survey Campaigns for Maximum Impact

Gain more control over your survey campaigns with our new scheduling feature. You can now plan ahead and send your surveys via email or SMS* at the perfect time for your audience. This feature helps in achieving consistent delivery, better planning, and potentially higher response rates. Plus, with Quiet Hours, you can ensure SMS surveys are sent only during legal hours based on the recipient’s local timezone.


Customize Your Survey Response Emails

This update allows SOCi Survey users to personalize response emails sent to customers following their survey feedback. You can now add your unique touch with styling and text adjustments, and even include additional recipients for enhanced collaboration and information dissemination.


Engaging Survey Experiences with Emojis

Make your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys more engaging! Now, you can use familiar emojis like Stars and Smileys, enhancing the user experience and encouraging more responses from your survey participants.


Verify Your Email for Trustworthy Surveys

Introducing a new UI for email and domain verification in SOCi! By verifying your email credentials, you authorize SOCi to send emails on your behalf, significantly boosting their credibility. This step is vital in ensuring your surveys and responses are recognized as genuine by email providers, and not mistaken for spam.


Enhanced Security with 64-Bit Contact Encryption in CRM

We’ve upgraded our CRM contact encryption to a more secure 64-bit scheme, ensuring sensitive data is better protected. All existing client contacts have been seamlessly transitioned to this new, robust encryption standard.


PII Censoring in Outgoing Survey Emails for Enhanced Privacy

In our commitment to maintaining the highest privacy standards, we’ve implemented automatic censoring of Personal Identification Information (PII) in all survey response emails and email notifications. This new feature ensures that sensitive information remains confidential, safeguarding your customers’ privacy and compliance with data protection regulations.




Save Time with Auto-Respond for Reviews

Introducing Auto-Respond for reviews: a time-saving feature that lets you automatically reply to simple reviews, like those without text, based on preset criteria. This feature selects a response template from a chosen library, allowing you to focus on more complex reviews. Auto-Respond ensures that every customer receives attention, while you concentrate on the reviews needing a personal touch.



New Network: Apple App Store

We’re thrilled to add the Apple App Store to our review network directory. As a SOCi Reviews customer, you can now manage Apple App Store reviews alongside other networks, all from one platform. This includes viewing, responding to reviews, setting notifications, and analyzing insights. For Genius customers, you also get AI-suggested response options.



Expansion of Directives for Genius Reviews

Take your Genius review responses to the next level with up to 20 customizable directives. This expansion allows you to have even more control over the reviewer name, tone, and response length, removing several default directives from our SOCi prompt to give you more customization power.


Showcase Review Responses in the Review Widget

We’re excited to announce an enhancement to our Review Widget: you can now include your responses to reviews directly within the widget display on any website or local page. Plus, this feature is fully compatible with our Genius generated responses, making it easy to display your engagement with customers’ feedback.


Boost Your Social Proof with More Reviews in Your Widget

You can now display up to 10 or 20 of the most recent reviews in your Review Widget. More reviews mean more fresh, compelling social proof on your websites and local pages, enhancing your credibility and potentially driving more conversions.


Refine Your Review Display with Tag Filtering

Gain precise control over which reviews show up in your Review Widget with our new tag filtering feature. This is particularly handy if legal or regulatory concerns affect which reviews can be displayed. Use “Required Tags” to show only reviews with specific tags or “Exclude Tags” to hide reviews with certain tags. This ensures that only the most appropriate reviews are visible in your widget.


Set a Delay for Displaying Reviews in Review Widgets

Customers can choose a specific number of days before a review appears in their Review Widget. This enhancement gives customers more control over which reviews are displayed and when by: 

  • Avoiding Spam: If you’re dealing with spam reviews, this delay gives time for these reviews to be identified and removed by the publishers before they show up in your widget.
  • Time to Respond: Want to respond to reviews before they go public? This delay ensures you have time to craft thoughtful responses to customer feedback before it’s displayed on your widget.


New Network: Olo Engage Surveys

We’re excited to announce the integration of Olo Engage Surveys into SOCi Reviews, strengthening our partnership with Olo as their preferred Reviews partner. Now, as a SOCi Reviews user, you can bring Olo Surveys directly to our platform. This integration brings seamless review management, combined with AI-driven response suggestions for Genius customers, elevating your customer feedback experience.





Inbox & Reporting Enhancements

A new unified view of all chatbot conversations across every network, with enhanced filters and sorting options for prioritizing key conversations. Plus, enhanced insights that identify top keywords and the ability to create new topics based on trending data.



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