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A Marketer’s Guide to Local Lead Generation


As a marketer, your ultimate goal is often to generate and win more leads and increase return on investment (ROI). With so many brands and forms of communication out there, it can often be challenging to stand out from the noise — especially as a multi-location enterprise. That’s where local lead generation comes in. 


Local lead generation lets you focus on your local audiences and win them over. Within this blog, we’ll dive into local lead generation, tactics your brand can use to gain more leads, and how to choose the right solution for your brand. Let’s get into it! 


A Look Into Local Lead Generation 


If you’re not familiar, lead generation is the process of getting the attention of potential customers to increase your sales. This often means getting some of their contact information so sales can follow up with the leads. 


Local lead generation is the same thing but at the local level. It requires brands to identify potential customers in specific geographic areas — typically near a business location. Consumers crave a local connection, and local lead generation allows you to target potential buyers locally, giving them that local connection. 


Now that you understand local lead generation, let’s dive into different ways your brand can generate leads locally. 


5 Ways Your Brand Can Generate Local Leads 


Generating local leads isn’t a one size fits all formula. To get the most out of your efforts, your brand should leverage several tactics listed below to collect local leads. 


1. Engage in Local Social Efforts 


Local social is the social media arm of localized marketing. Local social uses social media platforms to connect your business locations with local consumers to create a sense of community, improve brand awareness, and generate more sales. A piece of that includes lead generation. 


Data reveals that localized content performs 12X better than content not considered localized. If you post social content at the local level, you’re likely to get a higher engagement rate, which can result in more leads. 


For instance, you could post a link to a guide with a form fill or a link to sign up for a local event, allowing you to gain more local leads. Below is an example of Nekter Juice Bar promoting a new smoothie they’re testing in select Austin stores.  

An image of Nekter Juice Bar's Facebook Post promoting a local smoothie they are testing



For a more in-depth look at creating a comprehensive local social strategy that can generate leads, download our Localized Social Content Guide



Green, black, and white download button for SOCi’s Localized Social Content Guide Description: Green, black, and white download button for SOCi’s Localized Social Content Guide



2. Boost Online Visibility Through Local SEO 


Another great way to increase your local leads is through a robust local search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. If you’re unfamiliar, local SEO is a digital marketing strategy that helps businesses rank well on search engine results pages (SERPs) in relevant local searches.


As expected, ranking well in relevant local search results can help increase your leads.



A list of ways marketers can improve their local SEO efforts



Doing the above-mentioned tactics will help ensure your brand has a solid online local presence. You can even add calls to action (CTAs) such as “Book an Appointment ” or “Order Online” to your local listings and local pages to help boost your volume of leads and customers. 


To learn more about building a comprehensive local SEO strategy that leads to local lead generation, download our Top 10 Things You Should Be Doing in Local SEO Now guide. 



Download button with a preview of SOCi's local SEO guide



3. Leverage CTAs Through Local Ads 


Like local social, a local ad strategy can help your brand generate more leads. Today, Facebook boasts 2.98 billion monthly active users and is one of the go-to social media platforms for social advertising. You will gain more local leads if your brand has a well-executed local ad strategy. 


On Facebook, advertisers can decide on the ad objectives and hone in on a target audience, allowing them to reach potential customers. You can adjust your ad strategy by location, again allowing you to connect with local audiences. For instance, how you speak to a potential customer in New York City likely varies from how you would speak to one in a rural town. 


Every advertising campaign also needs a compelling call-to-action (CTA) — regardless of the content type. A good rule of thumb is to be concise and overt with your CTA text. Keep your text short and to the point to ensure viewers know what they’ll receive when they click the CTA. CTAs will allow you to collect leads locally and retarget them down the line. 


Our blog on creating the best Facebook advertising strategy provides more detail.


4. Develop Relevant Local Content 


Content is a part of every marketing strategy. As mentioned earlier, local content performs better than more generic content, emphasizing the need for a local content strategy. 


Some forms of content are made for gathering leads, which is necessary for your local content strategy. For instance, any content with a form is a great way to collect leads. If you’re a retail brand in Florida, you could create a gated downloadable asset around the “Top 10 Things You Need to Survive a Summer in the Florida Heat.” 


Thinking outside the box, you can also create local competitions or giveaways that require customers to enter. Similarly, you could create courses for potential customers to download for free. Or take Kumon Learning Center, for example, which offers virtual classes at some locations. 

An example of Kumon Learning Center promoting online tutoring sessions locally



It’s important to remember that prospects will likely give out their contact information with something valuable in return, so get creative! When brainstorming lead-generation content ideas, always considers how you’re adding value to potential customers.


It’s also crucial to promote your local content. Even if the content is great, it’s only valuable if it gets seen by potential customers. You can share your local content through your organic and paid local social media efforts that are mentioned above. 


5. Engage with Prospects Through Chatbots


If you’re unfamiliar, chatbots are computer programs or software that use artificial intelligence (AI) to simulate human conversation. They can receive and respond to messages from online users.


Chatbots are an excellent tool for local lead generation. For instance, when a conversation with a chatbot begins, your chatbot can request a user’s name and email address in case the chat gets disconnected. Peloton is a solid example of a brand doing this. 


An example of Peloton's chatbot



Similarly, if a chatbot can’t readily answer a consumer’s question, the chatbot can collect the consumer’s contact information so someone from your organization can promptly follow up with answers. Lastly, you can ask users to rate their experience with the chatbot at the end of a conversation and include their email for additional follow-up. 


Remember, the more opportunities your chatbot solution has to capture contact information, the more leads you can convert. 


It’s also worth mentioning that, similar to a local content strategy, your chatbots need to provide value. If a prospect had a poor experience with your chatbot, whether or not you got the lead, it would make it harder for you to convert them to a customer. 


Our Localized Chatbot Guide provides more detail into how your brand can develop a comprehensive chatbot strategy at the local level. 



A CTA calling for multi-location marketers to download our Localized Chatbot Guide



Start Boosting Your ROI Through Local Lead Generation 


As you can see, local lead generation is necessary for multi-location enterprises. Getting leads where your brand has locations gives your sales team a better chance to convert them into customers. The challenge comes when collecting local leads across 100s or 1,000s of business locations. But SOCi is here to help! 


SOCi’s products are built specifically for multi-location enterprises, making it easy to engage with your target audience at the local level and collect local leads. 


For instance, SOCi Social enables multi-location businesses to manage and deploy localized content at scale while maintaining brand consistency at enterprise and local levels.



Our social solution also allows you to reply to social media engagements at scale, and you can include CTAs that can be leverage to collect local leads. Additionally, we have SOCi Ads PLUS, which empowers marketers to effectively manage local social ad campaigns across all of their local social profiles. Using our dynamic text and patent-pending dynamic image technology, you can deploy a single ad that will auto-populate with local text and images across your locations.


A product image featuring SOCi's Ads Plus solution



We also have SOCi Genius Reviews, which integrates our award-winning review response management tool with GPT-4, OpenAI’s most advanced AI system. This integration transforms how multi-location marketers respond to reviews. Not to mention SOCi Listings and Local Pages, which can help boost your local SEO efforts. 





As you can see, SOCi has all the tools your brand needs to generate more local leads and beat the competition. For more insight into how SOCi’s suite of products can help you achieve this, request a demo today! 



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