Leading Global Telecommunications Company Improves Localized Marketing Implementation and Buy-In Partnering With SOCi

The Challenge

A leading global telecommunications company with a large and complex network of owned and authorized retailers needed a business partner best suited to tackle the complexities of the brand’s multi-location localized marketing. Specifically, the brand looked to bring on an expert team to help with SEO and drive traffic to increase visibility. Because of the number of stakeholders, senior leadership also wanted data on local marketing that was easy to digest and repurpose to make informed decisions about marketing campaigns.


The platform needed to be more user-friendly than what the company had previously been using for authorized retailers, while still being a one-stop spot for the marketing tools, content, and data they needed with an easy user interface. Additionally, leaders required the ability to install guardrails for their teams to ensure brand consistency, which they had not had before.

“SOCi is proactive — SOCi never forgets about my problems and helps me easily solve projects. The business team is always there and knows everything that is going on, even the technical stuff. Having a dedicated team on my side for a source of truth is extremely important and helpful.”
– Senior Lead for Product Management and Development at the leading global telecommunications company

The Solution

This leading global telecommunications company partnered with SOCi to better manage their Local Pages, Listings, Reviews, and Social Media. “One of our requirements to move to SOCi was a seamless transition. Moving over 200,000 local pages from one vendor to SOCi without losing anything or any pages going down was the biggest goal. SOCi made it look easy and completed it ahead of schedule. Next was having a dedicated SEO team of experts at our disposal, joining calls with us, and providing proactive business insights to improve our online presence. We also decided to partner with SOCi to receive top tier review management, more localized content manageable at scale, and be on the cutting edge of upcoming AI releases in the space,” noted the Senior Lead for Product Management and Development.


With SOCi, the global telecommunications giant is now quickly implementing significant changes, site enhancements, and page updates, hitting deadlines they were unable to in the past. Another benefit of having SOCi as a co-marketing cloud partner is a staging environment the team was previously missing that allows the brand to soft launch information first to ensure accuracy, without going straight to Google. The training and support provided to the company’s partners and stores by SOCi have also increased local buy-in for localized marketing strategies with custom training videos specific to the company’s use cases and live sessions for end users to ask questions.


“Our level of service and support has improved: where we had bottlenecks with previous resources, we are now getting things published and accomplished in record time. Our partners are very happy working directly with SOCi, which helps relieve burdens on my time along with the automation we now have when new stores are opening. We manage openings in a seamless way online with SOCi. SOCi is more user-friendly and easier to understand. The training and support from SOCi have been unmatched by any of our technology partners” said the Senior Lead for Product Management and Development.

“SOCi has taken a lot of the stress in managing a platform away from me so that I can strategize and finally look at the bigger picture.”
– Senior Lead for Product Management and Development at the leading global telecommunications company

SOCi Results

The leading global telecommunications company’s goals with SOCi are increased organic, nonbranded traffic. The brand defines localized marketing success through online traffic, digital sales, and customer service.


Since implementing SOCi in February 2023, the brand has seen a number of positive results, including:



An 86.2% increase in total review count compared to last year



68% total review response rate



A 58.1% increase in the overall review response rate compared to last year



Over 1,400 unique review responders from within the company and its partners



A 72% review response rate with authorized retail partners



A 105.7% increase in authorized retail partner review responses to last year

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