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Don’t Leave Anything On the Table When It Comes to Marketing Technology


In the world of localized marketing, anything that saves you time and effort is a big plus. The less time your marketing teams have to spend on localized marketing efforts, the more time you can allocate to making sales and winning more customers. This is where marketing technology comes in. Marketing technology includes software and tools that assist marketers in achieving marketing goals or objects.


When looking for marketing technology solutions, there are specific questions you should consider. For instance, is it better to have different tools for your areas of focus or a single device that can assist in multiple ways? How do I find a marketing solution that my marketing team can use across my business locations? These are topics we’ll cover in this blog.


Benefits of Marketing Technology


Before we dive into what you should look for in marketing technology, let’s consider the benefits. As briefly mentioned, one of the most significant rewards of marketing technology is the amount of time it saves your marketing team. Rather than manually creating and scheduling local social content or searching for recent customer reviews, marketing technology can do it for you.


By saving your local teams time, marketing technology can also increase your business’s efficiency. Rather than spending extensive energy implementing basic marketing tactics, the marketing technology will automate it for you. This will allow your marketing team to devote more time toward creative marketing efforts or brainstorming new ideas that could help your business stand out from competitors.


It’s also important to note that marketing technology often provides businesses with insights on performance and helps improve lead conversions and ROI. When you measure your performance, you can optimize based on what is performing well and what isn’t. For instance, if a tool tracking ad spend reveals a high cost-per-click, you can try adjusting the wording of the particular ad or image to lower your cost but still maintain traffic and conversion levels.


Marketing technology is a must for multi-location businesses that want to stay at the top of their game. If you already have marketing technology, good for you! Are you getting the most out of your tools, or is there room for improvement? If you are still doing everything manually, it’s time to consider investing in this technology!



What to Look for In Marketing Technology 


With so many marketing technology solutions available, how can you choose? What separates some solutions from the pack? As a multi-location marketer, one of the most important questions to evaluate is whether the tool meets the unique needs of a multi-location business. For instance, is there a capacity to help you schedule social posts across each of your local Facebook pages? Will the tool pull in ratings and reviews for each business location? These are critical questions that will help your business get the most out of its marketing technology solutions. A tool that’s not optimized for multi-location companies likely won’t be as helpful as one that caters to the nuances of local social.


Another factor every multi-location business must weigh when choosing marketing technology is cost. How much is this solution going to cost your business? Will the return on investment be worth it? Almost every marketer has a tight budget that they have to stay within each quarter or year, and your marketing technology solution shouldn’t hurt your budget. While some solutions may be pricey, they often have a strong return on investment. The money you spend streamlining your localized marketing efforts will pay your business back in new leads and sales. It’s always wise to compare a few different solutions and look at the cost of each to make sure your multi-location business is getting the best value.


Finally, after looking at the cost and ensuring it’s multi-location friendly, you can determine how it fits into your technology stack. Do you want one solution to meet multiple marketing goals or separate tools to manage each strategy?


In other words, would you rather have one tool that can help with every aspect of your localized marketing strategy or different solutions for social media, local listings, and content management? If cost-effective, most multi-location businesses would probably choose one single tool that solves a variety of your localized marketing needs. This integration allows your local marketing teams to log into a single platform and tackle several different tasks simultaneously without logging in and out of other tools. Many marketers find that their local teams are more likely to accomplish their marketing goals if they only have to learn one platform.


Get Started Finding the Perfect Marketing Technology Solutions


When it comes to marketing technology, don’t sell your business short. Digital marketing is now more critical than ever, and having the right technology to elevate you is crucial. At SOCi, we are confident we have a solution that will help promote your localized marketing efforts to new heights and allow you to dominate your industry. SOCi is the all-in-one platform for your localized marketing needs and has all of the tools you need to crush your marketing goals under one login.



Whether your multi-location business is looking to level up your local social game, boost your paid ad strategy, streamline reputation management efforts, or more, SOCi has the answers you need. SOCi is the only centralized platform built for multi-location marketers and is the intelligent marketing technology solution your business needs. SOCi is built to tackle the complexities national teams face in managing and deploying digital marketing efforts across limitless locations and empowers users to increase activation and adoption of digital marketing efforts at the local level. For more information on why your multi-location business needs SOCi to win localized marketing, request a demo today!


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